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Too many people are complaining about the decisions that our politicians are making for our communities. Many of us feel that common sense has gone out the door. It’s time to get informed and start holding our elected representatives to account.

Who is

Paul Taylor?

I’m Paul Taylor and I’m standing as your candidate as an Independent for the seat of Macalister.

I’ve lived in Logan for 26 years with my wife and two children – in Rochdale South, Boronia Heights, Shailer Park and now Cornubia because I know that Logan is a great place to live with its strategic positioning between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This is why I chose to base my business here and this is why I believe that I have a solid understanding of your concerns and the direction that you want our city to take.

I do not tolerate misconduct or corruption and will take this strong stance to the newly elected Parliament to push through amendments to un-cuff Freedom of Information; we cannot have a Government elected by the people keeping the people in the dark over corruption and unacceptable conduct; people are entitled to information when they ask for it particularly when it is exculpatory.

With a fast-growing community in Macalister, Paul wants to represent the people, NOT a party, he wants people to enjoy a great living standard, with opportunities available for their children, within a safe community I am conscious that the cost of living has gone up where electricity, petrol and food have become unaffordable for some, and that’s why I will work hard to ease the financial pressure on your household budget by beginning to Freeze the wages and perks for ALL MP’s for the full 4-year term with no retrospective clause. If we are to belt tighten, then it starts with the elected representatives where we lead by example.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to be involved in community groups and to meet people from all walks of life – the farmers that take part in our local markets, the priests, on-the-ground Council workers, real-estate agents, teachers, nurses, our returned servicemen and women and our mums and dads. When people share their concerns with me, I have noticed a common theme – people just want a fair go and for their representatives to represent them and not corporations or people with their own agendas.

Paul will also push to scrap the late-term abortion law’s that are now in place. The dangerous extreme sex education called “safe schools” must also be scrapped. He desires that our children be taught English, Maths and Science not extreme sex education. 

Paul being a student of economic’s is very concerned by the financial mess Queensland is in; in 2018 we were budgeted to blow debt out to $ 83 billion dollars; 2 1/2 years into this financial cycle, this has been revised up to $ 102 billion with ZERO plan or strategy in place to reign it in. If we do not start living within our means, it will be our grandchildren who will have to pick up the tab for this financial mismanagement.

Paul has always stated that he will be an independent and true to form, he has followed through, refused to do a deal with anyone and his suggestion on How To Vote epitomizes the character of this businessman, “if I say something, bank it, I will follow through with it” and he has not preferenced anyone; so just vote 1 for Paul Taylor, you must fill in every box and YOU make the decision on whom you wish to allocate your preferences to.

Like you, he is sick of being lied to. The time has arrived to shift gears from career and party politicians to an authentic independent.

Paul Taylor

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