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About PAUL

Paul was born and educated in India to parents of British ancestry, hence the family name Taylor. He went to a private Christian School, completed year 10; being a person driven to achieve, he went to a catering college during the day, then on to night school and finished the day working at a nice 3-star hotel.

Wanting to do better for himself, Paul made the move to live in the UK for a few years, but visited Australia in 1984 to attend his brother’s wedding; it was not difficult for him to see that Australia was streets ahead of the U.K. and 8 months later he was back in Australia as a full migrant.

He not long after joined Coles Supermarkets as an Assistant Store Manager and 11 months later, Paul had notched up 3 promotions in being appointed as a Graded Store Manager – Fresh Foods, now directly controlling and managing 5 Fresh Food Department managers. Under his leadership, in 3 months, he turned around a particular trade department and it was the only department in the entire State of Victoria to achieve their budgeted results.

In 1998, Paul moved to the National Office of Coles Supermarkets as their National Coordinator for Magazines; coordinating and executing strategies for 5 divisions in the then Coles Myer Group. Success came quickly in him being appointed as the first ever National category Buyer in the Variety Division. He liaised with a number of media executives in this role, including Ita Buttrose.

This brought a significant increase in responsibility where Paul accounted for the direct control and all strategies for the largest million dollar business in the variety division. Poor performing departments were turned around in 3 months and strategies he instituted as far back as 1992, remain unchanged in every Coles Supermarket across the nation to this very day.

"Evil prevails when cowards do nothing"

- Paul Taylor

Paul moved to Brisbane in 1993 to marry his fiancée’ at the time, and in 1996 he commenced importing fully finished granite memorials from India. Paul is driven by a passion for excellence and this is why his Logan-based business excels. With the assistance of a casual labourer Paul executed a strategy to increase the demand for his product and in 18 months he captured 40% of the market.

Two children came along to make the family a unit of contentment. Paul and his family are involved in many community activities and have been attending Gateway Baptist Church at McKenzie, for close to 6 years.

Business has continued to prosper in spite of some very ordinary racial and criminal conduct from some of his competitor’s. Paul does not tolerate misconduct or corruption and will take this strong stance to the newly elected Logan City Council; you can guarantee that all operations will be transparent and above board.

His concern for the mediocre leadership at many levels of government has got to him and it is this poor standard that has propelled him to take the plunge and now stand for Mayor for the City of Logan.

He brings with him an impeccable history of success that spans 3 nations and at every pit stop – he excelled. His desire is to restore to the people in Logan a sense of pride and confidence in Local Government. When a fish dies, the rot sets in at the top. He comes full of confidence, full of positive ideas and plans to take the city forward and restore it to the pace it ought to be.

With a fast growing community in Logan, Paul wants people to enjoy a great living standard, with opportunities available for their children, within a safe community.

Anyone who knows Paul, knows that he has an insatiable appetite to bring to the city a degree of Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability…. Something that Logan has not seen in a long while.

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My Commitment

Act With Integrity

Our elected leaders should be setting an example for the rest of the community. As a servant to the people, a Mayor and Councillors must always be honest and do what is right for the community as a whole. I pledge to always have integrity, as your future Mayor of Logan City.


Under my leadership, the strategies and business models I implement will deliver results for the City of Logan, with cost effective outcomes. I want to lead a council that has a 'can-do' attitude. I will make sure every council project is delivered in a timely manner to meet ratepayers' expectations.


Logan City Council's Code of Conduct must always be implemented. For too long, residents have been either unaware that they have the right to lodge a complaint or their complaints have fallen on deaf ears. As your Mayor, I will champion accountability from Councillors and Council staff, and make Logan City Council a great example for the rest of the Queensland.​


As your Mayor and with your team of Councillors, we will be mindful of the needs and expectations of the community, in putting your needs first. All projects undertaken by council must be in the best interest of the immediate community. Under my leadership as Mayor, I will encourage the Council to portray empathy to Logan residents and to always work with the local community.

Logan needs a whistleblowers hotline. I condemn all forms of corruption. Politicians should serve their communities, not themselves.

Paul Taylor
I know that people work hard and I believe that they should be rewarded for their hard work. We must lower the cost of living to help families and people get ahead instead of stressing over bills. We all deserve the right to live in a safe community.

Paul Taylor
Everyday I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to live in Australia and raise my family here. That’s why I pledged to always contribute to my community and I would like to now do that as Mayor.

Paul Taylor
Remember that Local Councils were only intended to be administrative arms of the State Government. They are not governments despite their 'Local Government' title. We must make sure lazy State Governments never give them too much power.

Paul Taylor

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