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Car-ruption must not return

Mayoral candidate Paul Taylor has expressed his concerns over the potential return of Council rorting, through the use of luxury cars.

In December, Logan City Council Administrator Tamara O’Shea announced that Council cars would be scrapped and replaced by an allowance. However, Mr Taylor has said that Ms O’Shea had recently confirmed to him that the newly elected Council and Mayor would be able to scrap the allowance and bring back the cars.

“I applaud Ms O’Shea’s attempt to stop the indulgence that our previous Council participated in, however when we elect a new Mayor and Councillors next month, we must have a guarantee from them that they will not bring back the rorting that we saw through the usage of luxury cars, funded by ratepayers,” Mr Taylor said.

“Mayoral candidates have been campaigning for months and yet I am still the only candidate who has declared that I will not vote to reintroduce luxury cars or excessive fuel budgets.”

“I hope that other candidates are not running for public office as a career move, expecting to get on a gravy train, and that they declare a strong stance of not allowing the luxuries to return. Voters must have this guarantee prior to casting their votes.”

“The previous Council violated policy and with $1 million spent on cars priced from $48,000 to $108,000, that equates to approximately 1,100 ratepayers who had their rates diverted to fund this expensive display of self-entitlement and there was no benefit to the Logan City community, at all.”

“The money that Council taxed Logan residents through rates collection should have been spent on roads, footpaths, community centres and on facilities that the public could use, not on Porsches or cars with ski racks.”

“As Mayor of Logan, my priority is to ensure this abuse of ratepayers’ money stops immediately and that this Council treats its ratepayers and residents of our community with respect.”


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