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It’s time to crash junket trips

Logan City Council Mayoral candidate, Paul Taylor, has pledged to end junket trips for Councillors and the Mayor, if he is elected as Mayor on the 28th March 2020 at the Local Government elections.

His call to end what he calls, the utter waste of ratepayers’ money, comes after it was brought to the public’s attention that lavish trips had occurred, including $800 per night accommodation and expensive meals.

“With the technology that has been available to us such as Skype and other video conferencing software, I would have thought that travel expenses would have been kept to a minimum. I know that the Council has acknowledged that this will be used more in the future, but why did it have to get so bad before action was taken? It’s time to shift gears from mediocrity to excellence.”

“I understand that on some occasions travel for meetings and research is required, however all associated costs linked to this trip must pass the pub test”.

“I applaud the recent cut by the Logan Council Administrator to the overseas travel budget from $426,000, back to $200,000.”

“Under my leadership, as Mayor, overseas trips must past the pub test. The case will have to stack up, if not be compelling, to warrant a trip overseas, irrespective of budgetary provisions.”

“Ratepayers will be notified in advance of any intended overseas travel schedule and the reasons that warrant it.”

“Our elected representatives must respect ratepayers at all times and just because a council credit card is issued, it is not a license to splurge the funds. That is unacceptable.”

“If I am elected as Mayor, I would ensure that the CEO and my staff find the best value for money on everything associated with the trip i.e. flights and hotels, should I have to travel elsewhere for work related matters.” Mr. Taylor said.


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