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Migrant candidate says Australia Day Stays

Logan City Council Mayoral candidate, Paul Taylor, has said that he will not be supporting any call for Australia Day to be moved to a different date and under his leadership, celebrations in Logan will stay. “I am a migrant who has come to Australia and embraced our great way of life and Australia Day is a time that I reflect on this, being grateful for the many opportunities this country has provided to me,” Mr Taylor said. “I know that Australia has a dark history and many countries do, but what is important is that we move forward as one community, no matter where we have come from, what culture we have been brought up in or what religion we are. We cannot change the past but we can learn from it.” “I know that across the country some Councils have stopped celebrating Australia Day because they are being sensitive to the nation’s First People and I know that there are some people who now call the day ‘Invasion Day.” “I absolutely reject January 26th being called ‘Invasion Day’ as history shows that Captain Cook arrived in Botany Bay on the 29th April 1770 and I therefore will not support any change to Australia Day being celebrated on the 26th of January.” “Logan is a diverse community of 217 ethnicities and around a quarter of us were born overseas; that’s what makes us unique. I believe that we are so fortunate to have access to amazing food from other countries and to be able to celebrate the positive elements of other cultures, such as art and music, and to learn from them.” “I want Australia Day to stay so that our all of Logan can unite on the same day to celebrate everything that makes Australia great because united we stand, divided we fall.” “I want to be Logan’s first Mayor from a developing country that has the ability and skills to unite our City and to bring it into a bright future, for all to benefit from.” END


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