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China gets a bigger piece of Australia

China Mengniu Dairy Company has made a bid to purchase another Icon of Australia.. yes, if the bid goes ahead, every time we Aussies drink a Big M or Pura Milk, all the profits will go to China. When will our government wake up to this disastrous policy of letting another nation build up its shareholding in our country where we as a people can be held hostage in our own country, through their China first economic policy and, they make no secret of it either?

How long before our weak leaders will issue 457 visas to the new owners of our farms so they can bring in their own cheap labour, ship dairy product manufactured here in Australia back to China to sell it cheap to their citizens and we in Australia will pay top dollar for product grown in our own country? Blind Freddy can see this and it cannot be stopped from happening and it will happen!! This is what I call voodoo economics and economic treachery on steroids.

Even Barnaby Joyce has woken up from the back bench to ask that this purchase be put on hold. Credit where it is due, he did stuff all when he was in cabinet but has recently found his bag pipe and playing a patriotic note – I guess with a bit more time on the back bench, he has stepped out in the real world – but the time has arrived for us as a people to wake up and say enough is enough, we need to put the hand brakes on selling off our farms to foreign countries who can very easily hold our economy to ransom.  A Nation like China that thinks nothing of incarcerating its own people for wearing a headscarf is more than capable of holding our economy to ransom if we sneeze in the wrong direction. 

It is time that we pressured our government and do so by contacting your Federal MP and voice your concern about this decision, write letters to the editor, ring in on talk back radio, share this post, it is imperative that we step up and play our part else we will end up being “coolies” in our own country to a foreign country that has taken us over without a single bullet being fired.

Logan City is home to many businesses and farms and I want them to remain in the hands of Australians. 


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