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Councils should stick to roads, rates and rubbish. Not religion!

Last week was the first time that ratepayers heard that the Interim Administrator has been inviting religious leaders of different faiths to open the Council weekly meetings.

What I know is that residents want policies delivered and actions taken by Council that improves their quality of living – whether it be providing services or freezing rates, not feel-good ideas that achieve nothing. What happened to roads, rates and rubbish?

I perceive this latest thought-bubble by the Administrator as just being a distraction from the real issues that Council should be addressing and not to mention political correctness on steroids.

Up until June of this year, it has always been leaders from the Christian Faith that delivered blessings at Council meetings and this is because our laws are built on Judeo Christian faith and values – we take an oath in court on the Holy Bible and Logan City Council is also bound by these laws. The Christian prayer is symbolic of this. Many of you may not have know that this is why The Lord’s Prayer is recited in Parliament – it’s not necessarily a religious tradition but moreso a legal one linked to our Heritage!!

The Logan City Council Administrator has to realise the reason for the Christian blessing – it’s to do with our laws and our heritage which is something that is very important in the running of our Councils, Parliaments and Courts.

The questions must be asked, why is Logan City Council now inviting other religions to pray at council meetings when those religions have nothing to do with the makeup of our laws? Has the Administrator been pressured into being politically correct, by those who might find our heritage offensive? Is this political correctness gone mad again or is it now on steroids?

Today it is a prayer, what will it be tomorrow? What will we push aside under the deception of “inclusiveness”? Is the Logan City Council surrendering Australian heritage to ethnicities that asked to come here and in some cases begged or swindled their way here.

Why are WE always having to give up if not SURRENDER our heritage, our traditions and culture? What will OUR children know about what their forefathers stood and fought for. When will this political correctness end.

We have heritage listed buildings for a specific reason; HERITAGE.. so that newcomers to this country and the offspring of diggers may also learn about our heritage. And just before the illiterate name tags of “bigot and phobia” be thrown at me, it is critical to understand that heritage is significant to the identity of the Nation – hence some structures are listed as heritage properties.

I love that Logan City is a community with multiple ethnicities – 217 of them. Many of these people have come to Australia for a better life (myself included), have assimilated, have shared wonderful parts of their culture with the rest of Logan, such as their yummy food and music AND they want to protect the Australian way of life. I thank those migrants who are contributing members of our community – you are valued.

If I am elected as Mayor, I commit to return the traditions of this council back to where it was and to get on with the job of looking after roads, rates and rubbish… I will not succumb to political correctness.

Do you agree?


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