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Introducing Paul Taylor

Hi, I’m Paul Taylor and I’m standing as your candidate for Mayor, for the City of Logan.

I’ve lived in Logan for 26 years with my wife and two children – in Rochdale South, Boronia Heights, Shailer Park and now Cornubia, because I know that Logan is a great place to live with it’s strategic positioning between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This is why I chose to base my business here and this is why I believe that I have a solid understanding of your concerns and the direction that you want our city to take.

Unfortunately in Logan, we have a shadow cast over the integrity of this Council, where the council has been dismissed. It should never have got to this stage and we deserve a Mayor and Councillors who will serve the people and not themselves.

Logan needs a whistleblowers hotline so that our Council is held to account and we never have a repeat of this in the future. I commit to making this a priority. People are sick of politicians and Councils wasting their hard-earned money.

Did you know that the Mayor and Logan Councillors were driving around in luxury cars, paid for by you, the ratepayer? This is a blatant waste of your money. To top it off, the Mayor and Councillors have an unlimited petrol allowance. This will be capped. A Toyota Camry or the likes will do the same job and this is just one thing that I want to change if elected as your Mayor – no more snouts in the trough.

I want to put a freeze on your rates and charges, for the new term. I want to further freeze the salary of the Mayor and Councillors for the new term. I want an audit on council expenditure and if viable, I will propose a cut to rates and charges.

I am conscious that the cost of living has gone up where electricity, petrol and food have become unaffordable for some, and that’s why I will work hard to ease the financial pressure on your household budget.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to be involved in community groups and to meet people from all walks of life – the farmers that take part in our local markets, the priests, on-the-ground Council workers, realestate agents, teachers, nurses, our returned servicemen and women and our mums and dads. When people share their concerns with me, I have noticed a common theme – people just want a fair go and for their representatives to represent them and not corporates or people with their own agendas.

People want our Councillors and Mayor to follow the rules, and it is a shame that this has not been happening. For example, when a building is approved, it appears that our elected representatives, have on many an occasion, only relied on the building code. They have not carried out impact assessments, thereby ignoring the concerns of the immediate community. Impact assessments factor in the advantages and disadvantages of a development. Will there be ample parking or will there be too much traffic created from the proposed project? Will someone one day open up a brothel next to a highschool? Will a nightclub be opened next to a retirement village? The community must be consulted and listened to. As Mayor, I want compulsory Impact Assessments on all buildings and developments before they are approved.

As your Mayor, if brown paper bags or speedboats are offered to me, I’ll gladly take them and all monies will go straight into a Mayor’s fund, established to assist veterans and pensioners on struggle street with no special favours given to the donor. All developments will be assessed according to the law and Council guidelines. As your future Mayor, you will get efficiency, transparency and accountability.

We can all see that Logan is a rapidly growing region of South-east QLD and that’s why it is important that we elect Councillors and a driven Mayor to get the job done. With a successful track record as a Senior Executive from Coles Supermarkets and 23 years operating a successful small business, I know how to manage productivity and money, and I know how to create opportunities for the people of Logan, so that we all benefit.

As a community, we can all have a bright future, so please consider entrusting me with your vote at the March 2020 Logan City Council elections. Thank you.

Paul Taylor


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Introducing Paul Taylor

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