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China gets a bigger piece of Australia

China Mengniu Dairy Company has made a bid to purchase another Icon of Australia.. yes, if the bid goes ahead, every time we Aussies drink a Big M or Pura Milk, all the profits will go to China. When will our government wake up to this disastrous policy of letting another nation

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20% Councillor superannuation is unacceptable

Will 20% superannuation pass the pub test? I think not.  I am aware that this is set by an independent tribunal but do we continue to sit back and say nothing about it? Our elected representatives should be standing up to serve you, not milk you! If a factory worker,

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It’s time to crash junket trips

Under my leadership, as Mayor, overseas trips must past the pub test. The case will have to stack up, if not be compelling, to warrant a trip overseas, irrespective of budgetary provisions.

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Introducing Paul Taylor

https://youtu.be/uUgfhfYGrBs Hi, I’m Paul Taylor and I’m standing as your candidate for Mayor, for the City of Logan. I’ve lived in Logan for 26 years with my wife and two children – in Rochdale South, Boronia Heights, Shailer Park and now Cornubia, because I know that Logan is a great

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